Crowdfunding Loan Fund +

+ Fundraising is arranged by Bridgeway , a SFC licensed firm that serves only professional investors

An alternative to term deposit

The targeted investment return is approximately 20 times higher than usual term deposits at banks.

1 Year

Investment Term

5.5% p.a.^

Targeted investment return


Management Fee

HKD 1 million

Minimum investment amount
(Professional Investors only)

^ Investment involves risks. There is no guarantee that the targeted investment will be achieved, as the value of any investment can fluctuate.

Never put all eggs in one basket.
Diversify your investments and unlock the
potential of your savings now.

Why Bridgeway x MoneySQ P2P* Platform?

* This is a modified, indirect P2P model. P2P lending may adopt a direct lending model, where investors lend directly to borrowers, or an indirect lending model, where intermediaries raise funds from investors and lend money to borrowers.

Why not Traditional P2P Lending?

Some P2P platforms operate in legal “grey” area.

P2P platform default due to mixed quality of operators, including many without prior experience in the lending business.

P2P investors may lack the expertise to assess the credit risk of P2P platform operators and borrowers.

Difficult to validate risk-return model, and to recover bad debt.

Why our Modified P2P Platform?

Bridgeway is a SFC-licensed firm which can legally manage Collective Investment Scheme. is a licensed money lender.

Backed by industry leading money lender Konew, which has over 20 years track record in Hong Kong.

Through partnership by money lender MoneySQ with TransUnion.

Stable and recurrent return.



Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) licensed asset management company that can legally operate Collective Investment Scheme.

Money Lender License

0 8 2 8 / 2 0 1 8

Backed by Konew Credit Corporation, with over 20 years of experience and leading market share in property mortgage among money lenders in Hong Kong.

Who can Invest?

We serve Professional Investors.

Individual Investor

Portfolio* of ≥ HK$8 million

Corporation / Partnership

Portfolio* of ≥ HK $8 million
or total assets of ≥ HK$40 million

Institutional Investor

Licensed Intermediaries, authorized financial institutions, insurance companies, recognized exchange companies

Trust Corporation

Total assets of ≥ HK$40 million

*Portfolio includes: Cash (including savings deposits, time deposits etc.), certificate of deposit, and/or Securities (including stocks, bonds, debentures, notes, funds, warrants, options etc., defined as “Securities” under the SFO).  Portfolio excludes real estate property.

Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Ltd

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