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Investing in properties can be both capital intensive and knowledge-intensive. As a pioneer, being the first SFC licensed asset management firm that focuses on shop investment and development, Bridgeway provides customers with professional advice and and offers them access to quality shops with growth potential. Meanwhile, we strive to maximize the business opportunity of each shop property through Bridgeway’s broad network of tenants.


  1. We are the first SFC-licensed firm that focuses on shop investments and development.
  2. We launched the revolutionary “Serviced Shop” and “Three PRO Guarantee” programmes to maximize the growth potential of shop properties.
  3. We offer investors a new way to invest,by providing access to prime shop investments with a secondary platform, and by engaging in crowdfunding for P2P Lending* through its collaboration with MoneySQ. (* This is a modified, indirect P2P model. P2P lending may adopt a direct lending model, where investors lend directly to borrowers, or an indirect lending model, where intermediaries raise funds from investors and lend money to borrowers.)

Professional Knowledge

  1. Bridgeway’s management team possesses extensive technical knowledge and vast tenant networks. The ample experience of the management team can help our customers to maximize the growth potential of shop properties.

Strong Tenant Network

  1. We strive to add value to each of our properties after acquisitions. We will introduce suitable and quality tenant and advise them on operation and marketing strategies to enhance their ability to afford rent, and hence the long term investment value of the shop properties.

“Three PRO Guarantee” Programm

  1. We offer “Three PRO Guarantee” programme to our customers that includes Value Guarantee, Tenant Guarantee and Rental Guarantee so that our customers (i.e., shop buyers) can own shop properties and enjoy rental income hassle-free.
With the above value propositions, you can own and hold shop properties hassle-free for the long-term growth in shop value.