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Organised by INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP FUND, the Resilience & Achievement Award promotes the right path of society and inspires peoples’ hearts through commending the stories of various outstanding figures. This award glorifies those who fought the epidemic with a strong mental outlook, and carried forward the "Spirit of Lion Rock" demonstrating that Hong Kong people are not afraid of difficulties.
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The Excellence Brand Award 2017

Bridgeway participated “The Excellence Brand Award 2017” organized by Yellow Pages HK under PCCW and was awarded the “The Outstanding One-stop Shop Service Award”. Since the launch of Serviced Shop in March 2017, we have been striving to provide tenants with good shop rental service and extra supports. It is a great honour for us to receive recognition for our endeavors to invest and develop street shops persistently.
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The 3rd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program Award Ceremony

Bridgeway participated the 3rd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program, and was recognized as one of the enterprises in fulfilling corporate social responsibilities. 

The 3rd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program Award Ceremony
The 3rd Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program is co-organized by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education (CPCE), and sponsored by Bank of China (HK). It aims to encourage corporate to integrate the citizenship ideas into its business model and operation by organizing a series of activities to raise the awareness of corporate citizenship and to encourage corporates to fulfill its social responsibilities.

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2012 Capital Weekly The Best Performance Company Award

Bridgeway achieved the Best Performance Company Award, hosted by "Capital Weekly" to recognise the contribution which Bridgeway has made to promote entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. 

“Capital Weekly” is aimed at using the minimum time to grasp the economic information, understand clearly the global finance and making the investment strategy in order to target at “For the rich and the powerful”.

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DHL / SCMP Hong Kong Business Award - YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR

Dr. Edwin Lee, the founder and CEO of BRIDGEWAY, is awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award of the DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Award, to recognize his effort in setting up the leading business brokerage and development company, contribution to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in Hong Kong and outstanding performance in the following areas:

Development of an original business concept
Possession of an innovative approach to business affairs
Ability to adapt to changing business environments and standards
Contribution to the raising of managerial skills
Establishment of a viable organizational structure
Respect from subordinates, setting of an example for the organization, and motivation of the employees
Establishment and maintenance of harmonious relations within the company
Perseverance, tenacity and flair in working towards objectives
Development of a culture to support i.e. established a company mission, vision, core values, business strategy and corporate / department strategies
HR management that aligns with business objectives
Diversification of business objectives beyond product and market
Determination and strong leadership skills
Effective risk management
Commitment to socially responsible business practices

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2011 Featured as a corporate case study for Asia Case Research

Bridgeway is featured as a corporate case study titled "Hong Kong Business Intermediary: A Launching Pad for Entrepreneurs" for Asia Case Research Centre to share the development of Bridgeway.

The Asia Case Research Centre is a research centre affiliated with The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Business and Economics. Established in 1997 to address a growing demand for research and instructive materials relating to Asian business, the Centre now boasts a repository of context-rich cases drawn from a vast range of industries and disciplinary areas. Case Study: Hong Kong Business Intermediary: A Launching Pad for Entrepreneurs

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2010 Featured as a case study of Vocational Training Council (VTC)

Bridgeway is featured as a case study of Vocational Training Council (VTC) to share with the students of “2Trade Treasure” course about the development of Bridgeway. 

In support of the Government's policy to promote education services as one of the 6 priority industries for development, A2P provides interactive, market-driven training with a case-based curriculum through the knowledge bank, Trade Treasure. It consists of real-life business management cases collected from 100 reputed enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries including McDonald's Restaurants (Hong Kong), Chow Tai Fook Jewelry, Tao Heung Holdings, Gammon Construction and Metro Broadcast. Study areas to be covered range from human resources management, marketing strategies, retail management etc, to which trainees can make reference to enhance their professional knowledge for challenges at the workplace.

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As the leading business brokerage company in Hong Kong, Bridgeway Business Builder and Broker Co., Ltd (BRIDGEWAY) not only strives for providing the best quality services for our clients, but also commits to corporate citizenship. 

We have been awarded 2006 CARING COMPANY AWARD by The Hong Kong Council of Social Services to recognize our enduring efforts in caring for the community and commitment to corporate citizenship over the years. On February 8, 2007, we received the award from Mr. Henry Tang, the Financial Secretary of HKSAR, during the award presentation ceremony. BRIDGEWAY was founded in December 2001. During these years, we have jointly held events with various charities or non-profit organizations, such as visiting elderly homes. We have also outsourced work tasks to sheltered workshops to support the living of the disabled. In addition, BRIDGEWAY values employee’s welfare so as to improve their satisfaction and commitment to our company's value of "enjoy life".

In the future, BRIDGEWAY will further commit to corporate citizenship and share the results with employees, and also setup a standard for the industry.

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2006 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity

Bridgeway Business Builder and Broker Co., Ltd (BRIDGEWAY) is the first Business Broker in Hong Kong focusing on the SME market. With its creative and innovative business ideas, it has recently been awarded the 2006 Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity by Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC). It has been recognized as a role model for the business brokerage industry in Hong Kong. 

BRIDGEWAY has provided entrepreneurial opportunities for entrepreneurs and an alternative investment channel for investors. We believe that "Sellers will sell their profitable businesses as an exit strategy, and buyers will transform to a more successful life and become business owners. We provide a transaction platform that benefits both buyers and sellers." During these years, BRIDGEWAY have been promoting entrepreneurial spirit in Hong Kong, and encouraging business owners to sell their profitable businesses. Through buying a profitable business, entrepreneurs can minimize their financial risks of starting up a business from scratch.

BRIDGEWAY takes "Customer-focus with innovative services" as the company's blueprint. We are the first business broker in Hong Kong that launched innovative services including selling profitable businesses only, providing Buy-A-Biz installment plan, and one-stop professional auditing, legislative, and limited company formation services, arranging buyer and seller meeting, and chauffer service for site-visiting. In addition, BRIDGEWAY takes creativity as an important element of its corporate culture. Our management puts creativity as one of the substantial criteria for performance appraisal, arranges brainstorming session quarterly, and publishes books on the topic of entrepreneurship.

BRIDGEWAY will keep promoting entrepreneurial spirit to the public to boost the economy in Hong Kong, and transforming entrepreneurs' dream into reality.

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ISO 9001: 2008

Bridgeway Business Broker Co., Ltd (Bridgeway) became the first and the only business broker in Hong Kong to be awarded ISO 9001 Certificate in 2005 (Certificate No.: FS 500082). 

ISO 9001 Certificate was awarded by BSI. It proves that BRIDGEWAY's quality management system has reached international standard, and our passion of providing high quality services for our clients.

In order to provide high quality services, BRIDGEWAY has established a full-team of professional business consultants as well as other supporting departments for improving our customer service standard. We are the first business broker in Hong Kong that deployed a comprehensive CRM system, Maximizer, for managing our daily operation issues, and for ensuring the completeness and confidentiality of our customer database.

Supported by our comprehensive quality control system, BRIDGEWAY sincerely provides our buyers and sellers the most effective transaction platform, and transforms their dreams into favorable realities.

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2007 The Best Brand Enterprise Award

BRIDGEWAY is devoted to the industry and commerce sectors with its innovative operating ideas. Its excellent business achievement was awarded The 2007 Best Brand Enterprise Award by Hong Kong Productivity Council on June 8, 2007.

BRIDGEWAY has been proved on its state-of-art service quality and standard is well known, its large team of dedicated professionals provides one-stop expertise before and after sales services. Moreover, corporate culture of BRIDGEWAY is highly focused on the abilities of the organization, like self development, management strategy and decision making system, leadership and cultural management, creativity management, brand building and management, long term development goal establishment, inter-communication mechanism setup, staff appraisals and self enhancement system, valuation and assessment of market strategy, etc, aiming at providing the extensive expertise to its customers and at playing the role in assisting its customers’ first step to success.

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Innovative of the Year 2007 (Entrepreneurial Section)

Compared to the nearby cities, only 3% of the Hong Kong populations are entrepreneurs. Thus, throughout these years, Bridgeway Business Builder and Broker Co., Ltd (BRIDGEWAY) keeps encouraging the public to start-up their own businesses and to turn their dreams & creative ideas into reality. The "Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year" Award organized by City Junior Chamber not only recognizes companies & their founders who have creative entrepreneurial spirits, but also aims to promote the creative entrepreneurship culture and push the business development potential of Hong Kong to a higher standard. Mr. Edwin Lee, the Founder & C.E.O. of BRIDGEWAY, has been awarded "Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 (Entrepreneurial Section)", which recognizes his entrepreneurial intelligence and contribution to the society.
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2007 Hong Kong Awards for the Industries: Customer Service

BRIDGEWAY launched the "EAGLE" customer service program on October 2006, it focuses on five topics: "E" – Ethics 、"A" – Action、"G" – Growth、"L" – Leadership and "E" – Enjoy Life, and aims to provide excellent and comprehensive services to the entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. As a result, BRIDGEWAY was awarded "2007 Hong Kong Awards for the Industries: Customer Service Certificate of Merit" by the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department and the Hong Kong Retail Management Association on 23 January 2008. This award marks another milestone for BRIDGEWAY's commitment and dedication to outstanding customer service to entrepreneurs.
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Quality Award 2008

In July 2008, BRIDGEWAY was announced as the sole winner of the Quality Award 2008 (Special Award for SMEs) from Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). HKMA Quality Award is the most prestigious award for organizational excellence and the highest form of recognition an organization could receive. It is based on the American Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award judging criteria, and is the Hong Kong equivalent to the Japanese Deming Prize and the European Quality Award. With this award, BRIDGEWAY has demonstrated its state-of-the-art management quality and achieved high recognition for the following seven criteria: 

2.Strategic Planning
3.Customer and Market Focus
4.Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
5.Human Resource Focus
6.Process Management

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HSBC Living Business Awards 2008 (Certificate of Merit)

BRIDGEWAY was awarded “HSBC Living Business Awards 2008 (Certificate of Merit)" by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the purpose of this award is to recognize the SME for taking the social responsibility and enhancing the long term development, which is based on the following criteria: 

1.Commitment to environmental protection
2.Excellence in employee management
3.Achievements in community development
4.Overall management quality and effectiveness

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2008 IBBA Chairman’s Award

Edwin Lee, Founder and CEO of BRIDGEWAY, was awarded the 2008 Chairman’s Award by Cress S. Diglio, Chairman of International Business Broker Association (IBBA), the world ‘s largest association for business broker. This award recognizes. Edwin’s outstanding contribution and dedication to support the objectives and goals of the association.
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INSEAD published a case study on BRIDGEWAY's management

INSEAD, one of the top ranked business schools internationally, regularly conduct comprehensive case studies and analysis on the companies across different industries with high potential for growth. In 2007, a case study on "Management Team Building" was conducted on BRIDGEWAY to study its value on human resource system and its contribution to the overall success of BRIDGEWAY’s as an industry leader in business brokerage. Summary of the case study was published on CEO Capital magazine (Aug- 07 issue).