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Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited


Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited (“Bridgeway”) is the first SFC-licensed financial institution in Hong Kong that focuses on shop investments. As a pioneer, Bridgeway is committed to providing investors with safe and reliable investment opportunities for shops. The innovative “Three PRO Guarantee” programme, the first of its kind being offered in Hong Kong, will enable shop buyers to buy and hold quality shop properties and enjoy rental return hassle free. With deep industry knowledge, technical expertise and market insights, Bridgeway acquires prime shop properties in Hong Kong with an aim to create win-win situation for both tenants and owners. To optimize the growth potential and the long-term value of our shop properties, we leverage our broad tenant network to find suitable tenants for our shops.

Vision, Mission and Core Values

  • Vision: To be the most reliable shop developer
  • Mission: Creating shared value for shops
  • Three core values:


To invest, one needs to diversify. To do business, one needs to stay focused. This is my motto in doing business. "Shop" is our business, therefore I dare say Bridgeway is more focused on shop investments than anyone else in Hong Kong. We aim to be the leading street shop property developer in Hong Kong. Now, when you think about buying high quality residential properties, you think of Sun Hung Kai Properties. In the near future, I hope that when you think of buying a high quality street shop property, you think of Bridgeway. 

There is a limited supply of high quality properties in Hong Kong. In particular, for street shop properties, there is a decrease in supply largely due to mergers & acquisitions and urban renewal development. Also, there are investors who buy street shop properties for long-term holding regardless of economic environment. Therefore, it is very difficult to source high-quality street shop properties in Hong Kong. Basic economics theory tells me that when supply does not increase, and the demand is constant or even increasing, price will go up in the long run. Therefore, I focus on the street shop properties only. Nothing above and nothing below.

However, to many investors, buying a street shop property can be a challenging and daunting task: not does it require a broad range of expertise, the price tag of even small shop property is cost prohibitive for many. a typical street shop may cost over tens of millions of Hong Kong dollars. To many, it is their whole life savings. Buying shops also require many technical requirements, for example, unexpected early termination of tenancy agreement, rent in arrears, or major structural repair and maintenance, and any one of the above could be very costly to the shop property owner.

Therefore, in 2015, we became the first SFC (Securities and Futures Commission) licensed fund management company that focuses on shop property investments in order to allow more investors to access the prime shop property market. At the end of 2017, we are also the first in Hong Kong to launch a Three-Guarantee shop ownership scheme to protect the buyers who buy our entire shop. Our guarantee mitigates the risks of early tenancy termination, rent in arrears and major repair expenses. We also help our shop buyers to manage the properties, so as to allow them to own shop properties and enjoy investment return hassle-free. Action speaks louder than words. Our reputation and extensive network in the shop property market can definitely help you source the right shop property for your long term holding. I look forward to speaking to you in person one day and introduce our shop portfolio to you.

Edwin Lee