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Shop Property Investment at Ease Like Never Before

With a dedicated focus on prime shop investment in Hong Kong, Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited (“Bridgeway”) has launched the first open-ended shop fund, Bridgeway Shop Property Value-Add Fund (the “Fund”), which you could participate in shop investments for subscription amount as low as HKD $3 million. It enables you to invest in shop properties even if you are prepared to invest only a moderate amount. Our investment team would evaluate every potential shop property investment opportunity in accordance with the investment objective of pursuing stable rental income as well as capital appreciation in the long run. In addition, for as low as HKD $3 million subscription amount, you could invest in a portfolio of prime shop properties to achieve better diversification of investment risk versus the higher concentration risk of investing in just a single property. Also, by leveraging on Bridgeway’s extensive tenant network, shop values can be further enhanced through the onboarding of quality tenants in a sustainable manner, so as to create a three-way win situation for owners, tenants and investors.
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Features of Bridgeway Shop Property Value-Add Fund

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An open-ended fund with a minimum investment period of 3 years with quarterly subscription. After the minimum investment period, the availability of redemption in every six-month interval renders a higher flexibility for investors.

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Bridgeway’s investment team as the fund manager helps you investing at ease.

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The minimum investment amount is just HKD 3 million.

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Fund returns (net of expenses) will be fully distributed to investors after deducting the management fee, which provides a stable and sustainable income with a growth potential.

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Bridgeway is dedicated to create value for shop properties for benefiting the Fund investors, tenants as well as property owners.

Bridgeway Shop Property Value-Add Fund is Only Available to Professional Investors as Defined Under the Securities and Futures Ordinance:

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Individual professional investors

Portfolio of HKD 8 million or above

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Corporate professional investors

Portfolio of HKD 8 million or above
Total assets of HKD 40 million or above

Value Creation for Shop Properties

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Funds will be raised for shop purchases and related property management.

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We will select and acquire the prime shops preferable to the fund after conducting due diligence assessments which takes into the appreciation and development potential of the shops. After the purchase, the shops will then be co-owned by professional investors and us via the Fund.

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Leasing factors such as tenant’s renting capacity, sector development and rental increment potential will be considered for maximizing the return on shop investment.

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We will introduce the “Serviced Shop” Plan to our tenants to support their business through providing creative marketing and promotional channels, to attract publicity and to ease the financial pressure for shop opening.

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Our great relationship with numerous property agencies through regular gatherings enables us to obtain the latest information for property market trends, which enhance our chance of selling shops.

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Reliable Like Never Before

Reliable Facilities, Accurate Tenant Information
Reliable Like Never Before


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